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I remember that 1st time im start blogging is when im 16th years old,but then now im 20th oredi..time fly so fast...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2nd trip with him

Im just back from Malacca a few days.
its nice view dere...
nice to visit and nice for photo shooting.

Im very thanks Allen help me to capture those nice photo,very thank you.

In this travel i got a many different place shopping complex..
So cool there...
I dint went for KL got 8years d.
I seen like so Sam Pat
Nice walk..

I will go KL again,dun worry.
But maybe that time no more sopping mall, only hv tourist place only.

And that dat 29th April is me & him 3rd months anniversary... and its my 1st time to sit shame am i ...

But thanks he still beside me although my mood sometime its not stable-ing...haha

I also know that sometime im make his mood down too..

Im trying to change myself to become better ME!


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